What are they really?
Well its a little harder to explain then just put them into one category.
These are boys, that really act as a female. They love to wear panties, and be treated like a beautifull girl.  They are not shemales/transgenders. They dont take hormones, no fake tits, just a boys body, usually hairless/shaven, but girly behaviour. Some say they are crossdressers, and even dragqueens. Well thats a huge misunderstanding. See these boys have got the girly thing naturally in their genes. Nothing fake or made about it. They dont desire to go to surgery to get bits and pieces removed/added. They just wanna be who they are. Femboys.

Heres a picture example of a femboy. Perhaps a picture says more then a thousand words.




See how these boys are flatchested yet they love to feel girly in their panties and tops.

Next time hermaphrodites…

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